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The Northside wasn’t always the vibrant neighborhood it is now. Two hundred years ago North Madison was a thick forest populated mostly by bears and deer. While a few decades back we were still in the Oscar Mayer heyday.


Fast forward to today and the Northside is a diverse, multicultural neighborhood loved by locals for:


Its strong sense of community and collaboration

Friendliness and acceptance of diversity

Down-to-earth, hard-working people

Wonderful, hidden small businesses

Warner Park, The Mallards, and ample green space

Great value, variety, and convenience

(Yes, plenty of deer, cranes, and turkeys still roam our side streets and yards.)

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The Northside’s culture is unique in Madison. It’s also up and coming, as more residents move in and set up shop every day. As that happens, we’re seeing new types of small businesses emerge on the scene. They include craft breweries, restaurants, coffee shops, professional services, and bike stores - all fine compliments to the anchor businesses of our neighborhood.


And while people often come for the cheaper rents, what tends to keep them in the Northside for a long, long time is the downright cool community.

Northside Business Association

Ever inspired by our area’s potential, the Northside Business Association was founded in 1993.
Our mission is three-fold:  

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Provide a Voice to Local Businesses

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Increase Economic Development

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Create Network Opportunities Between the People who Live, Work, and Own Businesses on the Northside

Our members have been meeting, comparing notes, and masterminding solutions for over 30 years. (And making lifelong friends while we’re at it!)


As a longstanding organization, we’ve always been a resource for new businesses in the area. But the real excitement brewing lately is that, as neighborhood demographics change, we’re entering a new era…


And we’re thrilled to get to know and support the next generation of business owners.

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Vision of the NBA 

Though our neighborhood is evolving, the vision of the NBA remains simple and clear. Our goal is to improve and promote the business community of Madison’s Northside. We do this by:


Hosting community-wide EVENTS to raise awareness of offerings found on the Northside


EDUCATING our members through programs that promote and assist our businesses, often featuring speakers


Promoting FELLOWSHIP through our meetings and events

As we’ve practiced the above over the years, one thing’s become clear to our membership: our business community can always do more to support itself. So we encourage a “give and take” approach within our ranks. Whenever possible, you come to my business, and I go to yours!


Ultimately we want to inspire all Northside residents and community members to support local enterprises. So we’ve got a new slate of events in the pipeline - all with the aim of boosting engagement with neighborhood businesses.


The bottom line: There’s lots to do, and so many ways we can lift each other up.

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Join Us

We’re over the moon to be growing our membership right now. Whatever your age, color, creed, gender, orientation, or background - we celebrate you. Any and all are welcome.


Basically, if you’ve got a business or organization on the Northside and a heart of gold - you’re in!

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